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Development Committee

Click on sign-in sheet to open / download form for use at next meeting or networking social.

The Development Committee, sometimes known as the Social Committee, sets the INAEP calendar (dates and locations).  In addition the Committee actively recruits new people and organizations to the INAEP.


Committee Members


Marian Hensley (Chair), Alt & Witzig

Juliet Port, Roberts Environmental

Andrew Harris, Microbac Laboratories

Paul Mellilo, Pace Analytical


If you would like to be a member of this Committee, please e-mail us at


NEW for 2016


The Development Committee has proposed that an official Host be assigned for each networking social and quarterly meeting.  General Host duties are listed below.


  • Make reservations at designated location at least one month prior to event.

  • Confirm reservation and provide estimated attendees 2-5 days prior to event.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to set up INAEP sign (NEW!!) and sign-in sheet.

  • Greet arrivals and encourage them to sign in.

  • Scan and e-mail sign-in sheet to INAEP within 1-5 days following event.

  • Make arrangements to get INAEP sign to next networking social / meeting host.


Duties Specific to Networking Socials


  • If a joint networking social, coordinate with other organization regarding estimated number of attendees, point of contact, date/location, etc.

  • Work with Board members to select / order appetizers.

  • If a joint social with another organization, coordinate which appetizers to be ordered by INAEP and which to be ordered by other organization. (Other organization responsible for $25 of food.)

  • Confirm who in INAEP (Board member) paying for food.


Duties Specific to Quarterly Meetings


  • Coordinate with Keynote Speaker Committee regarding meal for speaker, equipment required (laptop, projector, etc.).

  • Select catering choices and catering menu.

  • Provide catering information to Website Committee.  Lunch orders will be collected using the website.

  • Order lunches.

  • Straighten meeting room, leaving it as we found it.

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