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Quarterly Meetings

We  don't know who this blue person is, but he or she has the crowd on its feet.  Wow.


Maybe our meetings don't bring you to your feet, but they are interesting, informative and fun.  And if you really want, next time we can all plan to wear yellow.

May 14, 2015 Summary (Elbow Room - Downtown)


This was our first meeting at the Elbow Room.  Little did any of us realize that they have this great (if oddly shaped) meeting room upstairs past the upstairs bar.  Lots of windows and a spectacular view of downtown.


LOTS of INAEP business.  (It is getting excited, folks.)  Attendees got to meet (and be impressed by) Chelsey Bradford, who spoke for a couple of minutes and answered some questions.  Chelsey walked away with a lot of business cards and some great connections.


INAEP is getting an intern this summer... a one Rachel Ann Bacher. Rachel just completed her sophomore year at the University of Southern Indiana, and almost won one of our 2015 scholarships.  We were so impressed that we decided to hire her for a summer internship.  In exchange for 50-75 hours, INAEP will pay $1000.  Going forward INAEP plans to use summer interns to help us expand our membership base, reach out to corporate members for donations for the golf outing, research contact persons at colleges and universities for scholarship postings and more.


INAEP plans to start hosting a summer picnic, to be held in July or August at a local park.  The picnic will be held on a Saturday or Sunday, and is meant for INAEP members and their families, significant others, BFFs, etc. Aunna Huber, Cathy Carson and Juliet Port have volunteered to assist in the planning.  If this sounds interesting to you, give us a shout and we will add you to the <unofficial> committee.


Dr. Kevin Mandernick, Chair of the IUPUI Earth Sciences Department, attended the meeting as our guest.  INAEP wants to improve ties between our organization and local environmental departments at colleges and universities.  Dr. Mandernick is working to expand the intern program for his students.  If your company is looking for a summer interm, give him a shout.  His e-mail address is


Also in attendance at our meeting was Tayler Glover and Brandon Pitcher, from the Indiana Hemp Industries Association.  Taylor and Brandon spoke for a couple of minutes about industrial hemp and uses of the product (including wastewater remediation).  Brandon wants to come back and speak to the organization in the future.


Vince Griffin gave us a great overview of the Indiana legislative session (as always).


Wondering who it was that you spoke to at the meeting?  Wonder no more. Meeting attendees are listed below.  If we missed listing you, it is because you did not sign in (for shame).


Blake Wilson (Shrewsberry)

Kaitlin Hillier (Cardno)

Alexander Sakmins (Cardno)

Tammy Miller (Cardno)

Mike Moyer (August Mack)

Chris Meador (HNTB)

Brianne Inman (Enviro Forensics)

Kevin Mandernick (IUPUI - Earth Sciences)

Andrew Tennyson (August Mack)

Val Wilson (August Mack)

Doug Watson (Pine)

Auuna Huber (Pace)

Dawn Andershock (Wilcox)

Chelsey Bradford (Valparaiso University)

Chelsey's Mom

Tony Lannan (Personnel Pipeline)

Taylor Glover (Indiana Hemp Industries)

Elayna Stoner (BLN)

Kurt Gilliam (EFI Global)

Cathy Carson (ASC Group)

Jason Condry (Summit Environmental)

Joe Shafer (LWR)

Paul Mellilo (Pace)

Juliet Port (IDEM)

Jeff Roberts (Roberts Environmental)

Katie Wood (EFI Global)

Brandon Pitcher (Indiana Hemp Industries)

Christy Darst (EFI Global)

Sarah Fisher (Arcadis)

Diya Bhattacherjee

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