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INAEP sponsored special recognition awards at the 30th Annual Hoosier Science & Engineering Fair
The good people at the Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc. (SEFI) hold a state science fair.  SEFI was formed in 1964 with the sole purpose of providing resources and coordination for students from Indiana to attend the National Science Fair.  In 1988, the first State Science fair was held and since that time thousands of Indiana's brightest and best young scientific minds have presented their research to professional and academic scientists.
The INAEP recognized students from both the junior (grades 4-8) and senior (grades 9-12) groups for Earth and Environmental Science projects.  Our criteria?
"Winners will be selected based on projects that best demonstate an aspect of environmental science.  We are looking for both a technical unerstanding of environmental science, and an interesting or unique manner to demonstrate it.  projects that have the ability to intrigue people are out focus, as our organization wants to interest and encourage Indiana students in pursuing a career in the environmental sciences."
To view a description of the projects that won INAEP special recognition awards, click on either Junior Division Winners or Senior Division Winners.
INAEP thanks our 2018 judges!
From left to right: Magan Meade, Janette Smith, Andrew Pappas, Kurt Gilliam, Blake Wilson and John Marton.
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