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Frequently Asked Questions

Provided below are some common questions that we receive.  Don't find the answer you need? No problem.  Congratulate yourself for being the first person to ask.  Give yourself a cookie.  After your finish the cookie, drop us a line at  We will add your (great) question and our (great) answer below.


When will dues next be due?

Great question, INAEP member.  Everyone who paid dues from last fall to present are paid up for 2015.  We are asking that 2016 dues be paid by January 31, 2016.  The 2016 members only password will go into effect on February 1.  Only individual and corporate members that have paid 2016 dues will receive the new password.


Won't the 2016 members-only password be INAEP2016?


Nope.  We are going to make it something completely random just to mix it up and fake you out.


Can a Corporate Member post the INAEP logo on its website?


Absolutely, positively yes.  Why would you not want the whole world to know that you are a part of such a cool, hip and knowledgeable professional association.  Send us an e-mail request and we can get you a low- to medium-grade image file. Once we get a few more members like you, maybe we can afford a better, high-resolution logo.  Baby steps.


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