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Our goal is to publish a monthly blog entry from an INAEP member.  OK, OK... we haven't quite met the monthly part of our goal, but we will not give up.  One of the ways that INAEP can help you develop professionally is to give you a chance to gain some experience writing professional articles for publication.  We want to post what you write.


I know you all have something to say... here is your chance!


May 2015

Communation: Where Most Problems Originate (Picking the Best Method of Communication)


December 2015

INAEP: The Next Ten Years





We think you have something interesting to say.


And INAEP wants to give you a chance to spread your professional wings and write an article for our online blog.


Founded in 2006, the Indiana Association of Environmental Professionals (INAEP) is a not for profit, multidisciplinary association for individuals dedicated to the advancement of the environmental profession in the State of Indiana.  If you would like to contact us directly, we encouage you to send us a message through our "Contact Us" page.