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Membership in the Indiana Association of Environmental Professionals is limited to persons who meet the following criteria.


  1. Residence or principal place of business is in the State of Indiana

  2. Possession of an appropriate educational background

  3. Professional activities are in or closely related to environmental fields

  4. Subscribes to the National Association of Environmental Professionals' Code of Ethics

  5. Application is approved by the INAEP Board of Directors


Corporate / Institutional Member ($150)

Company or institutional membership for up to five persons meeting the general membership requirements.  It is $30 per person for every person over five members on the corporate membership.

General Member ($35)

Person who meets the primary membership requirements and has at least three years professional experience.

Associate Member ($35)

Person who does not meet general membership requirements but are or actively seeking to become a professional in an environmentally-related field.

Student Member ($25)

Person enrolled in a college or university with a major in an environmentally-related field.

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