Instititional membership is designed for a college or university school or department, in which the institution designates up to five faculty or staff to be primary contacts and to receive INAEP e-mails.  The institution may, however, invite students to INAEP networking socials and meetings, as long as the total number of institution representatives at an INAEP event does not exceed five people.


Institutional members are entitled to one vote on INAEP matters.  Insitutional members are featured on the INAEP website (both public and members only portions) and are entitled to post, at no cost, open environmental positions on the members only portion of the website.

Founded in 2006, the Indiana Association of Environmental Professionals (INAEP) is a not for profit, multidisciplinary association for individuals dedicated to the advancement of the environmental profession in the State of Indiana.  If you would like to contact us directly, we encouage you to send us a message through our "Contact Us" page.